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Trademark search not only helps in ascertaining chances of successful trademark registration, but also helps you to identify competitors operating in the same business segment as yours.

Trademark Search Packages

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  • Number of marks searched: One

    Find similar trademarks for one mark in one class of goods and services.

  • Database used: Trademark Registry

    Indian Trademark Registry is the only database used in this package.

  • Search Duration: 3-5 days

    Get an easy to understand Search Report with details of similar marks within 3-5 business days.



  • Number of marks searched: Upto Two

    The search is conducted for two marks in maximum two classes.

  • Database used: Trademark Registry and other online database

    Access chances of receiving objections from other trademark holders within search report.

  • TM Search report : 2-3 days

    This search report will give you thorough analysis of the results found in multiple database within 2-3 business days.



  • Number of marks searched: Upto Three

    The search is conducted in multiple classes for up to three marks.

  • Database used: Trademark Registry, online database and Global IP database

    Global IP Database is also used for search apart from registry and online sources.

  • TM Search report: Within 48 hours.

    We will start the search immediately and you will get the search report within 48 business hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, Trademark Search is conducted before filing the application for registration of your mark. It is done in the preliminary stages of the trademark registration process. You can also do a trademark search to identify infringers after you have procured registration over your trademark.

Registering a trademark is a lengthy process. If you choose a mark which is already on register or applied for registration, there are chances that your mark may get opposition from other registered/ third party users of the mark and that can prolong the application process. Apart from an Applicant and Opponent, a third party can also file an opposition to your trademark registration. So, to avoid this hardship and to save your time and money, it is wise to conduct a professional Trademark Search.

The finality of the Trademark search will depend on the mark and its status in the registry of Trademark. Trademark Search only gives you the detail of other similar marks in the market. It is to be checked whether your mark is confusingly similar to an earlier registered / well-known trademark. The principle factor for coming to the conclusion is similarity between the marks and goods and services identified by the marks.

All National Trademark registries maintains a record called as a Register of Trademarks which contains full details of all applications and renewals of all regional trademarks. Besides, no registration is required for common law rights in Trademarks thus, those marks would not be available in the database. But, it is always good to have the research done so that you can ease up your application process.

No, Trademark Search is not mandatory but as it provides the details of all other registered, pending, applied for marks for same/similar goods and services, it would be beneficial for you to conduct a basic Trademark Search. It would lessen down the scope of oppositions and make your application much stronger.

Normally any person or a company can conduct a trademark search online by visiting the trademark site but the search result will not be at a same level as a professional services. The search will be conducted according to the mark, for example, whether it is a word mark, stylized mark, logo types or is a trade dress. Especially when the mark is a logo or is a non-conventional trademark, it’s difficult for an individual to conduct the search himself and professional expertise is must.

The trademark search can be done after the mark has been registered to check new applications and file opposition if the mark is same/ similar to your mark which is also called Trademark monitoring. But if you haven’t applied for registration, it’s wise to conduct a trademark search before you apply.

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