What is Trademark Monitoring?

Trademark monitoring is a unique kind of service where we keep an eye over your trademark and identify the potential and current infringers on your behalf. Monitoring can be done for specific period as well as indefinitely depending upon the trademark owner’s requirement. Irrespective of whether your mark is registered or not, our diligent trademark experts persistently monitor the market risks and inform you about the existence of any trademark infringement that is happening or may happen in the future. Thus enabling you to take preventive measures before the problem snowballs into a legal dispute.

Three step monitoring

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USA TM Monitor: USD 25/Mo

Monitor your mark throughout the US territory and watch out for similar trademark filings with the USPTO and for unregistered trademarks operating within the US territory.

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EU TM Monitor: EUR 25/Mo

Monitor your mark at European Union for all 28 countries in one go and get periodic results from our experienced Trademark experts.

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Indian TM Monitor: INR 1000/Mo

Monitor your mark within the Indian Territory at lucrative prices and get periodic updates.

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Trademark Monitoring Service

What all you get?

  • Regular search reports
  • Continuous Monitoring of National databases
  • Continuous Monitoring of Social media and internet databases
  • Infringement Alerts
  • Legal Counseling by our Trademark Experts
  • Plan execution

FAQs on Trademark Monitoring

Trademark monitoring is a tedious process and consumes a lot of time. Every country has a trademark registry which contains records of trademark applications which are registered, pending before it which are normally called Trademark Journals.  Every week on a certain day, the respective registry publishes trademark journal online. You can download the Journal from a particular website and compare new published mark with your already registered mark.

Trademark monitoring is search conducted on database to find a confusingly similar mark which is applied for registration. The purpose is to file timely third party objections and take appropriate action against the infringers. Trademark registration is only the first step in the effective use of the chosen brand, company or a product name, but to protect rights in a mark, you need to “police” the mark, otherwise you risk of losing your rights.

Trademark registry is only responsible for accessing application and registering the mark when it reviews a trademark application. But once a trademark is registered it is the duty of the registrant to keep an eye on all new marks which are before the registry for registration to check similarity of mark. It is a process of identifying infringement or misuse of your duly registered trademark.

As trademark monitoring is done to keep an eye on the new, confusingly similar mark pending registration, it is done after your mark gets registered. Any search done during the process of a trademark registration is not trademark monitoring. Thus, it is done after you complete your trademark registration process.

There is no specific time period provided by the statute for conducting trademark monitoring, but it is advisable to detect the infringement and misuse as early as possible. The more time and money your competitor spends on an infringing trademark, the more difficult it would be to stop him from using your reputed trademark. Moreover, if you let the other person use your well-reputed trademark, you might be then estopped from getting certain remedies provided by the Act.  

Ignorance of a similar trademark for similar good/services can dilute your inherent distinctive trademark. By trademark monitoring you can protect the uniqueness of your trademark and stop others from using the mark. An opposition taken in timely manner can save your future time and money. If you don’t stop the other person from misusing the mark, consumers might associate the new mark with your registered mark, which may cause loss, harm to your business as well as reputation and goodwill.

Once you have found out that there is a similar mark pending registration before the registry of trademarks, you can file an opposition before the relevant registry for cancellation of the mark or if the registrar has accepted and granted registration, you can request registrar to remove a mark wrongfully remaining on register and cancel the registration.

The relevant time period for filing an opposition proceeding may change from country to country, but normally it goes from 30 to 120 days from the date of mark’s publication in the Trademark Journal.

Advantages of Trademark Monitoring

Know your Infringers

A stitch in time saves nine. Professional trademark monitoring would enable you get acquainted with the potential and existing trademark infringers who can harm your brand’s goodwill. Knowing your infringers and acting beforehand can save a lot of time and resources by avoiding unnecessary litigation. Monitoring also helps you to keep an eye over the new filings so that you can file third party oppositions after the marks are open for public opposition.

Act on Time 

Once we have identified an infringer for you, we will also provide you with a stretigic plan of action that can be implemented to thwart a probable infringement. Proper trademark monitoring gives you an edge over your competitors and keeps your brand safe.

Get updates on Renewals and Maintenance

A trademark registration is not granted for eternity. Most of the Laws across the world require periodic renewals and maintenance documents post registration. The period for filing such maintenance documents varies across the jurisdictions and require constant monitoring. A registrant runs the risk of losing his trademark registration if the required documents or information is not timely furnished to the relevant trademark office.


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Our team comprises of a group of skilled and young professionals who are capable of handling several tasks in an impeccable manner. Our young team of professionals specializes in the discipline of Intellectual Property Rights and has been delivering time bound results without compromising with the quality of the work. Our ambitions are driven by the idea of success which we believe rests in our client’s level of satisfaction with our work.

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