The Hidden Real truth Regarding Cloud Data: No Longer a Thriller

Cloud products and services are usually used depending about the end-user (business) requirements. The system was made to help people and companies collaborate easily. In certainty, freemium businesses provide you with the exact same possibility yet in which noticeable big difference between VDRs and at no cost application regarding features. After having an evening or […]

Trademark of the week- FOX

Fox Entertainment Group, an empire started with William Fox’s vision, today it is one of the world’s biggest player in the entertainment industry. The first brick was laid by buying of New York nickelodeon for $1,600 turning it into a booming entertaining company, expanding with ownership of further 25 theaters in New York. In the […]

Today’s Trademark-BBVA

BBV stands for ‘Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA’, is the second largest banking group in Spain, born out of the merger of Banco de Bilbao and Banco de Vizcaya to form Banco Bilbao Vizcaya. In the subsequent years, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya merged with Banco Argentaria resulting in the establishment of BBVA in 1999. In the […]

Today’s Trademark- Massimo Dutti

The Spanish clothing giant- Massimo Dutti is owned by Inditex Group. The brand was first established in the year 1985 with only men’s fashion label. Later, in the year 1991, Massimo Dutti joined the Inditex group and in the subsequent years, i.e. in 1995 and 2003, they introduced the women collection and the children fashion […]

Today’s Trademark-Total

Today, being the global energy leader, ‘Total’ is a French Petroleum Company established after World War- I in 1924. The company began with the production of oil in the Middle East and expanded and diversified into gas, refining, petrochemicals, solar power, and energy storage. One of the major achievements was to establish the largest concentrated […]

Trademark of the month-SBI

The State Bank of India (SBI) has a sterling legacy of over 200 years, standing today as the largest financial services conglomerate in India with its Headquarter in Mumbai. The journey started back in the 19th century when Bank of Bengal was founded on 2nd June 1806. The Bank of Bengal along with Bank of […]

Today’s Patent-Combined table knife and fork

When we go to any restaurant we find a plate along with a spoon, knife, and fork on the table. This is a manner in which every restaurant usually works. There are many foods which we can take easily with the help of a fork and knife. But can we imagine if there will be […]

Today’s Trademark-Lockheed Martin

“Lockheed Martin” is the largest innovation and aerospace company. The history runs back to 16th August 1912, when Glen L. Martin started his company after his first successful aircraft. On December 19th, 1912, seaplanes were introduced by Allan and Malcon Lockheed in San Francisco. In 1995, the day of global revolution arrived when the said […]

Today’s Patent-Detachable wireless listening device

Wherever we are whether at home or work or at any other places, almost all of us like to listen to music as it makes us feel good and relaxed. Today we can find there are ranges of portable media player or wireless listening devices available to fulfill the ongoing demand of listening to music […]

Trademark of the Week- SAMSUNG

The technology giant ruling the globe started as Samsung-Sanyo Electronics in the year 1969 by Byung-chull Lee. During the initial years, Samsung was only operating in the domestic market in South Korea and started with the production of Black and white TV following washing machine, refrigerator etc. The year 1977 was a period of substantial […]