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You will get your complete specification drafted, which will help you in completely disclosing your invention.

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Complete Specification helps you in disclosing your Patent Application completely with the USPTO which eventually helps you in getting Patent Protection

Indian Complete Specification Drafting Packages

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  • Drafting

    We will only draft the Complete Specification.

  • Duration

    15-20 Days



  • Search and Drafting

    Along with drafting of your Complete Specification we will also conduct a Prior Art search of your invention.

  • Duration

    12-15 Days



  • Search, Drafting and Filing

    Along with drafting of your Complete Specification, We will conduct Prior art Search and we will be filing your Patent Application.

  • Duration

    10-12 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Compete Patent Specification is one which discloses your invention completely in technical words as per the norms prescribed by the Patent Office Rules.

You can draft your own application. But it is recommended to hire a professional because the norms prescribed by the Patent Office Rules of different jurisdictions are very strict and demand specification to be written in a specific manner.

Yes, Compete Patent Specification includes drawings for better explanation of the invention.

It takes around 5 to 15 days to complete drafting of Compete Patent Specification depending on the package you have selected.

No. Albeit it is not mandatory to file a Provisional Specification before you file for complete specification, it is recommended to seek proper inputs from our experts and execute the drafting process by making a complete patent strategy before you invest into anything.

A Provisional patent specification is an abridged version of your invention that is filed to secure a priority date. It doesn’t contains claims in it and is not examined by the Patent office after it is filed. A complete specification on the other hand is a comprehensive and illustrated draft that explains the whole working of your invention. It is examined after it is filed along with the provisional specification.

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