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Periodic updates in the form of brief reports prepared by our experts explaining the whole status of your trademark.

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Trademark monitoring not only helps to to identify infringers, but also assists in keeping your trademark application in a healthy state. Timely identification of issues with a registered mark can help you in maintaining your building or established brand reputation.

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  • Monitoring Report once in a month

    Get professionally drafted Trademark monitoring report from the results of Indian Trademark Registry.


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  • Monitoring Report

    Trademark Monitoring report highlighting trademarks similar to your mark for six months.

  • Expert opinion

    You will also get opinion of the Trademark expert analysing the current status of your mark.


One Year


Includes everything from standard package PLUS:
  • Monitoring Report with Expert Opinion

    Trademark Monitoring report highlighting trademarks similar to your mark for twelve months along with a written Legal opinion from our expert.

  • Quarterly One Hour Free Consultation

    Along with the monitoring report, you will get a quarterly one hour free consultancy with the Trademark expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a process, by which any mark similar to that of your registered mark is found. This is done by looking into the journals which are published by IP India which contains the list of Trademarks that have been applied for registration and other marks which are available on different forums and try to stop the owners of those marks from using the mark.

This helps in finding any similar mark that to yours thus consequently helps in oppose the registration of such identical/similar marks. Which ultimately helps in protecting the mark from dilution and thus protects the goodwill and reputation established by the mark.

There are no specific rules or laws which sets the frequency of the Trademark Monitoring. However we, at Lex protector suggest that monitoring should be conducted frequently in order to find out whether there are any identical or similar mark to that of yours exist or not.

It takes approximately One or two day time to complete trademark Monitoring.

No, it is not mandatory under Trademarks Act. However it is suggested by us for the protection of your trademark.

Prima facie no. when monitoring is not conducted then there is no way to know whether any identical/similar mark has been filed for registration or it has been used by someone else or not. So, in order to find out identical/similar mark and to stop them from using the marks. Monitoring becomes very important.

Monitoring is done by our highly efficient team of professionals, who have gained expertise in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. These professionals are experts in providing good results within a very short period of time.

Various online and offline tools are used to find any mark similar to that of yours.

Yes, domain names are also taken into consideration while finding similar/identical marks.

Yes, we can and we will help you at every stage of removing these infringing goods or services.

For ten years the monopoly i.e. the exclusive right to use the mark is given to the trademark owner.

Yes, the registration over the mark can be renewed.

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