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A trademark Search Report with details of all similar marks along with our expert opinion suggesting the best course of action.

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Fill up the questionnaire, then we will start the Trademark Search at once and within 48 hours you will have the search report in your mailbox.

Trademark search will help you in find out both registered and unregistered trademarks which are already being used in the market, thus giving you idea about the status of the mark and whether you should change it or not.

Trademark Search Packages

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  • Number of marks searched : One

    In this search is conducted for one mark in one class.

  • Database used : EUIPO

    EUIPO is the only database used in this package.

  • TM Search Report : 3-5 days

    You will also get an easy to understand, meticulously drafted Search Report within 3-5 business days.



  • Number of marks searched : Two

    The search is conducted for two marks in two classes.

  • Database used : EUIPO, other online database

    Apart from EUIPO other online sources are also used.

  • TM Search Report : 2-3 days

    This search report will give you thorough analysis of the results found in multiple database within 2-3 business days.



  • Number of marks searched : Upto Three

    The search is conducted in multiple classes for up to three marks.

  • Database used : EUIPO, online database and Global IP database

    Apart from EUIPO and online sources Global IP Database is also used for search.

  • TM Search report: Within 48 hours

    We will start the search immediately and you will get the search report in your hand within 48 business hours.

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Fill up the form and our representative will be at your service within 12 hours of your submission.


Frequently Asked Questions

We, at Lex Protector have a team of highly efficient legal professionals, who have gained expertise in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. Once we get the requisite information from your side, our team leaves no stone unturned to find any mark that is even remotely identical or similar to yours. Our efficient team conducts the search within brief time to deliver the best results to you.

You might go on and use the mark, but we will not advise that. The reason behind this is, at the time of the search there might not be any similar mark, but later on any mark similar to yours may come and register themselves. At that time if you do not have a registration, you have to prove that you are the honest concurrent prior user which is quite difficult to prove. On the other hand if you have a registration, you’re your registration will be considered as the conclusive proof of your ownership over the mark. So, if the search result is clear we advise you to start with the registration procedure at once.

The Trademark search discloses marks which are identical or confusingly similar, to your mark. This in turn will give us the idea that whether your mark is likely to infringe any other mark or not.

If any similar mark to that of yours is found, we will suggest you to make some changes to the existing mark or come up with a new mark whole together. For the changed and the new mark we will conduct an independent Trademark search altogether; we also promise you that we will help you in every way possible to get your mark registered.

Yes, at the time of conducting the search it is possible that there are some unregistered marks which are not present in the cyberspace or any of the database at the time of search. Which at a later point of time might come forward claiming their ownership over the mark.

Yes, the Trademark Search should be conducted time and again after registration to find out whether any similar mark has been applied for registration or not and accordingly opposition can be filed.

That depends on the discretion of the owner. However, we suggest that it should be done in a monthly basis, so that the owner can stay updated regarding the current position which the Trademark holds.

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