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Find out if your Trademark is available for registration and navigate smoothly through the registration process for your beloved trademark for your brilliant venture.

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Shield your brand against the villains of the commercial marketplace. Register your Trademark in any jurisdiction of your choice and proudly tell the masses about it.

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Keep an eye over the potential Trademark infringers who may want to steal your goodwill. Safeguard the value of your potential business by allowing us to Monitor your TM.

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Have any question related to Trade Mark? Get all your queries about trademark related issues resolved through one on one consultation with our experts. Feel free to contact us.

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Patentability Search, Freedom to operate Search, Prior Art Analysis, Patent Statistical Analysis are all covered under this head. Let us know about your requirement and get the job done.


Drafting of Provisional, Non-Provisional Specifications and drawings in accordance with the laws of relevant jurisdiction is covered under this head. Fill up the questionnaire and let’s get started.


File a patent application without any fuss with our professional help in any country of your choice. The services cover both PCT as well as specific Nationwise Filings at USA, EU, China, Japan, India, etc.


Have any question related to Patents? Get all your queries about patent related issues answered through one on one consultation with our experts. Feel free to contact us for professional consultation.


What’s in the name? Well…everything !! You don’t want a name that is already being used by somebody and take credit for the same. Allow us to suggest a unique and strong name that suits your business venture.


Give your beloved venture a flying start. Get a proper one on one consultation with our team of experts and make the best strategy to start your business.


Are you facing regulatory hurdles to set-off your business venture? Our team of qualified individuals will help you overcome all regulatory bottlenecks in an efficient manner to help your start-up progress in the desired manner.


After the formation of a Legal Entity, the important part is to do Mandatory Compliance as per the Govt Rules and Regulations, Like Filing Yearly Returns, B/S, P/L, Tax returns, etc.

About Us

The Temple City of India, Bhubaneswar hosts our Head Office. The office was set up in year 2013 with a vision to establish our roots in the domain of Intellectual Property Laws. The office marks our first bid to facilitate face to face interaction with the masses and we are happy that we have achieved more than what we had expected.



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Silent Action

Hawaii, United States

Star Pack

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Los Angeles, United States


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KISS - Kalinga Instuite of Social Sciences

Bhubaneswar, India

DJAB Networks

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Precise Portions

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Our Blog



Written By: Godhuli Nanda Amidst the month long New Year celebrations of 2016, the controversial battle for the safekeeping of “Free Basics” was taking a wild turn. For the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the month of January was quite busy with floating papers, debates and what not. And by February they were hip deep with millions of grievances. But even after being under tremendous pressure the Authority came to an equitable decision that supported Net Neutrality and effectively banned Free.

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Tobacco Wars

Written by: Rojalin Dhal “A debacle is often anticipated whenever a small entity has tried to challenge a huge well-funded entity”. Generally, an anticipation is a forecast of something which may or may not happen. Today’s topic is similarly on a small entity NTC (National Tobacco Corporation) who tried to challenge a big corporation (ITC Limited) when being sued by the latter and the end result of this one year conflict has given the above anticipation a pretty hardline boost. The conflict.

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Trademark Registration Process All Set to Become Expensive in India

Written By: Rojalin Dhal It’s official now. From 1 January 2016 onwards, you have to shell more money if you want your trademark to have that (R) symbol on its top. On 19th November 2015, the ministry of commerce and industry (MCI) issued a draft to amend some of the trademark rules in order to make the trademark registration process simpler and expedite. Last year year only the filing fee was revised from INR3500 to INR4000. But this year’s surge is pretty.

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Indian Salt Gets ‘Nostalgic’ After Big Patent Victory over Unilever

Written By: Rojalin Dhal 85 years ago, India’s greatest freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi had initiated the famous revolutionary movement called “Salt Satyagraha” to produce India’s own salt which had paved way for demolishing British monopoly over salt in the Colonial India. The history has once again repeated itself. India has won the Patent war over salt for patenting the method of producing iodized salt against a huge multinational company Hindustan Unilever limited (HUL). This long running battle has gained the title of.

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Our Team

Aurobinda Panda

Aurobinda Panda

Founder, Managing Partner
Aurobinda Panda

Aurobinda Panda

Founder, Managing Partner

Aurobinda has worked hard to provide a platform to the firm to develop upon.Before the incorporation of the Firm, Aurobinda had been working individually and felt the necessity of a corporate organization in order to provide services more professionally. This is how Lex Protector started to get its shape.He has been continuously stratigizing and planning the growth model of the firm.

Bhaskar J. Mukherjee

Bhaskar J. Mukherjee

Bhaskar J. Mukherjee

Bhaskar J. Mukherjee


Bhaskar is the co-founder of the firm and has been associated since the very inception in year 2012.Bhaskar has been a deft team player and is playing a vital role in the progress of the firm.His knowledge of Commercial Law and Litigation is exceptional which has been integral in widening the scope of our services.

Siddharth Mathur

Siddharth Mathur

Siddharth Mathur

Siddharth Mathur


Siddharth is the youngest soul in the leader-board of the firm.He started as an associate but his expertise and interest in the field made him climb the ladder fast.He has been continuously teaming up with the associates and generating valuable services for the clients on behalf of the firm.

Biswajit Sarkar

Biswajit Sarkar

Biswajit Sarkar

Biswajit Sarkar


With over 25 years of practice in the field of Intellectual Property Laws, Mr. Sarkar brings knowledge and wisdom to every case/project he touches.His experience and expertise have been helping the firm to grow continuously.Mr. Sarkar, in his usual volition and generousness, is always eager to share his knowledge and wisdom for the growth of the firm.

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Aurobinda Panda, Managing Partner

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Siddharth Mathur, Partner

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Bhaskar J. Mukherjee, Partner

2nd Floor, Sri Ram Apartment (Last Building), Agmark bye-lane, Kumarpara, KRC Road, Guwahati, Pin – 781009, Assam, India

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