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Trademark Registration in EU


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Trademark Registration will give you the exclusive right to use your mark in all the European Union member countries for ten years. Registration also enhances your brand value and makes you elegible for Brand Registry Programs of e-commerce websites like amazon.

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+ TM Registration Govt Fee
  • E- Filing with the EUIPO

    Electronic filing of your Trademark Application with EUIPO.

  • Electronic Delivery

    We will deliver your Trademark Application electronically.



+ TM Registration Govt Fee
Includes the everything from the Basic Package PLUS:
  • Trademark Search (Worth € 75)

    A professionally conducted search to check the distinctiveness of your mark and see if the mark is available for registration or not.

  • Trademark Monitoring (for six months - Worth € 125)

    Right after filing, we will keep you updated about other infringing marks and the status of your own mark.



+ TM Registration Govt Fee
Includes everything from the Standard Package PLUS:
  • Trademark Monitoring (1 year - Worth € 200)

    Right after filing, we will keep you updated about other infringing marks and the status of your own mark for one year.

  • 24-hour Expedited Processing

    We will search and file the Trademark application within 24 hours of your form and payment submission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The EU Trademark system creates a unified registration system in Europe. Whereby one Trademark registration, provides protection in every member nation of EU. Thus, you can get a continental protection through just one application.

There are two type of Trademark classification which is followed by European Union: NICE Classification and Vienna classification (for figurative marks). Trademark classification helps in classifying the Trademarks into different classes basing on the goods and services they deal with.

The different types of marks that can be registered in EU are, wordmark, figurative mark, Figurative mark containing word element, shape mark, shape mark containing word element, position marks, position marks, pattern mark, colour(single) mark, colour combination mark, motion mark, multimedia mark, hologram mark.

The EU follows a registration based Trademark system. The first to file application wins the priority battle instead of those who have been using the mark with respect to their services.

While filing a Trademark application, you can choose where you want to file the application first and then the subsequent application can be filed within six months. The subsequent application may benefit from the ‘priority’ of your first application and be treated as though they had been filed at the same time as the first application.

Trade mark seniority means, if an applicant has national registration over a mark in member countries or in one or more member countries for similar goods and services then they can claim seniority of the mark in EU Trademark application.

No protection is available to unregistered Trademarks.

The owner of the registered Trademark can stop others from using the mark.

Yes, collective and certified marks can be registered, if they are capable of distinguishing goods and services of one from that of another.

The applicants are given a chance to clear the objection if any objection is raised by the authority.

Yes, the registration can be renewed.

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