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What do I get?

You will get a well drafted, easy to understand monitoring report and a suggested course of action that is necessary to address a concern if required.

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You will get the monitoring report

Fill up the questionnaire, choose your plan and make Payment.The first report will arrive within a week.

Once you will choose the plan and make payment we will get the requisite information. We will start monitoring your Trademark. You will get Monitoring Report within seven days.

Trademark Monitoring Package

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  • Monitoring Report once in a month

    You will get a professionally drafted Trademark monitoring report with results from the official records.


Six Months


  • Monitoring Report

    Trademark Monitoring report highlighting the results each month up to the completion of six months.

  • Expert Opinion

    You will also get opinion of the Trademark expert analysing the current status of your mark.


One Year


Includes everything from Standard package PLUS:
  • Monitoring Report

    Trademark Monitoring report highlighting the found results each month up to the completion of one year.

  • Quarterly One hour free consultancy

    Along with the monitoring report, you will get a quarterly one hour free consultation session with one of our Trademark expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark Monitoring is the process by which we provide you with the periodical status of your already filed Trademark.

No, European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) does not conduct Trademark Monitoring.

We, at Lex Protector, try our level best and search in many databases to find any mark which is even remotely close to yours. So, yes the results are reliable.

Our team comprises of highly proficient professionals, who have gained expertise in identifying the identical/confusingly similar mark to that of yours. These IP professionals conduct the monitoring and provide you with any mark that is even remotely close to yours.

We take maximum two to three days to complete a Trademark Monitoring.

Trademark Monitoring helps in finding identical/ similar marks to that of yours. If by the search you were able to find similar marks then you can accordingly take action against the owner of such identical/similar marks. Thus protecting your own Trademark or brand name against tarnishment or dilution. Which in turn protects the brand value and the goodwill established by your Trademark.

There are no prescribed rules under the EUIPO regarding how often should Trademark monitoring be conducted. However, it is suggested that the monitoring should be conducted as soon as possible to curb infringement, and to protect the brand value, good will and reputation which has been established by the use of the mark.

No, Trademark Monitoring is not mandatorily but is highly recommended.

You can consult one of our experts regarding this, and they will prescribe you the best course of action that applies to your case.

Yes, after your mark is registered then only you can go for Trademark monitoring.

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