What is Trademark Consultation?

There is no better way to conversate than to have a face to face interaction with your lawyer. Trademark Consultation services facilitate verbal solicitation sessions between the lawyer and the client as per latter’s convenience. Face to face consultation with your lawyer offers the best way to get all your concerns addressed and therefore is a win-win option for both the lawyer as well as the client. A legal opinion can be sought in written also if the client so desires which make the opinion handy and ready to be used as a reference as and when the client needs.


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Get a Trademark consultation with one of our trademark experts for fifteen minutes absolutely free of cost.
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Get a Trademark consultation with one of our trademark experts for fifteen minutes absolutely free of cost.
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Trademark Consultation Service

What all you get?

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  • Legal Opinion on firm’s letterhead
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FAQs on Trademark Consultation

Trademark consultation is a process of solving your trademark related queries by an expert in the field which is done offline i.e. by face to face conversation or online i.e. by answering your questions online through phone or skype meetings.

Registering a Trademark is a complex task. If you apply for registering a mark which is already applied for registration or not capable of distinguishing goods and services from another, your application is likely to get rejected. Thus, Trademark Consultation is important to know the strength and validity of your mark. It can also help you in systematic filing of the Application. Trademark Application has to be filed according to the rules and regulations governing Trademark Laws.

No, it is not a mandatory process before registering a trademark but it is advisable to do it as it will give a basic idea to the registrant that whether it is okay to ahead with the mark. If a mark is refused registration, no legal right and protection will be granted to the registered owner of the Trademark. Trademark represents the business or profession of an individual, proprietorship firm, partnership firm, public limited company, private limited company and various other undertakings in the local and international market. Thus, it is important to get an idea beforehand.

Trademark Consultation is normally done at the initial stage i.e. before applying for the mark or even while you are thinking of taking a mark as a trademark to represent your goods and services.

Trademark Consultation is minimum of 30 minutes and then 30 minutes slots can be added and which can also be done online or offline but you have to take an appointment for the same.

FREE Trademark Consultation is maximum for 15 minutes and which can be done online as well as offline also.

Advantages of Trademark Consultation

A Bliss for Start-ups

If you are thinking about starting a new business or have just launched one, getting a trademark consultation with a professional is imperative. You can come to know about the legality of using the trademark that you are willing to use for your business and get a holistic legal analysis of your brand name.

Traditional and Effective

Verbal consultations with your lawyer are the best and the most effective way to discuss your issues. It not only helps you to clarify all your doubts but also assists in strategizing the manner in which you wish to protect your brand in the future.

Avoiding Future Troubles

Trademark consultation with a professional will also help you to avoid conflicts in present and future. Irrespective of whether your mark is registered or not, or if you are in the mid of a trademark dispute or on the receiving end of a trademark cease and desist notice, a one-hour consultation will help you resolve your issues effectively.


Undaunted Passion for the Discipline

The basic source of our team’s strength and commitment lies in our dedication towards the discipline. Almost all of our team members exclusively have specialized in the field of Intellectual Property Rights and are passionate to deliver their best in terms of services.

Young Team of Professionals

Our team comprises of a group of skilled and young professionals who are capable of handling several tasks in an impeccable manner. Our young team of professionals specializes in the discipline of Intellectual Property Rights and has been delivering time bound results without compromising with the quality of the work. Our ambitions are driven by the idea of success which we believe rests in our client’s level of satisfaction with our work.

Global Network of Clients

Our client base has no geographical boundaries. For the last three years, we have been working with clients based in the regions like North America, South America, Australia, Europe and several South Asian Nations. Our global reach established via international networking in such a short period of time is purely a result of high level commitment towards our work and client satisfaction which we have garnered through the quality of our work.

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Lex Protector helped us file several trademarks and copyright. They were easy to reach, always available and were quick to understand the legal requirements of our business. Recommended!

Eric Logan

Eric Logan

CEO VitaminBestBuy, NY, USA

Great work as always for Trademark Search from Lex Protector.

Davidson Hepburn

Davidson Hepburn

MD Gold Tiger Holdings, FL, USA

Professional, great communicators, great results. Would not hesitate to use firm’s services for trademark registration again. Thanks!

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Matthew Hodge

Founder Star Pack, Australia