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You will get a well drafted easy to understand Search Report providing you the details about other similar designs along with suggested course of action.

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Our 3-step process is fast and easy.

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You will get a Search Report

Take a few minutes to fill up the questionnaire, we will conduct the search, you will get the Search Report.

Patent Search helps you to find out any design similar to yours to help you in getting a better idea about future course of action.

EU Patent Search Packages

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  • Database used : EUIPO

    EUIPO is the only database used in this package.

  • Search Report

    You will get a meticulously drafted search report.

  • Design Patent Search Report : 3-5 days

    You will also get an easy to understand, meticulously drafted Search Report within 3-5 business days.



  • Database used : EUIPO and WIPO

    Apart from EUIPO we use WIPO to conduct the search.

  • Search Report along with opinion

    You will get a meticulously drafted search report along with professional opinion.

  • Design Patent Search Report : 2-3 days

    This search report will give you thorough analysis of the results found in multiple database within 2-3 business days.



  • Database used : EUIPO, online database and Global IP database

    Apart from EUIPO and WIPO the database of more than 50 countries is also used for search.

  • Search Report, opinion and consultation

    You will get a meticulously drafted search report and professional opinion along with 1-2 hour free quarterly consultation.

  • Design Patent Search report: Within 48 hours

    We will start the search immediately and you will get the search report in your hand within 48 business hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial Design is the ornamental or aesthetic expression of an article.

No, Industrial Design search is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.

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