Santander Bank is one of the oldest banks, previously known as Sovereign Bank It first took a shape in 1856 and slowly expanded but it was somewhere in between 1900-1913 Banco Santander , the founder expanded its scope of financial operations and appointed a full time chairman.

It merged small banks and starting making it bigger. It was in 1947 where the first regional office was establish in the United States followed by Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico and London.

After a century in 1957 it became the 7th largest financial bank of Spain. After several mergers and acquisitions with regional banks across the world it penetrated its reach. The major acquisition was in 2013 when Santander acquired Sovereign Bank in the United States. In 2017, it celebrated its 160th anniversary.

It is currently focusing on expanding its banking operations by promoting digital use of currency and enhance virtual banking by providing best services to its customers.  It was on 31st December, 1857 Santander used this name for the first time. It has received the registration and protection under USPTO having registration no:

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