Guerlain is one of the oldest luxury fragrance brand originated in France in 1829. Guerlain gained its major breakthrough i n 1953 when the founder Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain created Eau de Cologne Imperial for the Empress Eguiene to celebrate her marriage to Napoleon III.

What also became iconic was the bottle that was carved exquisitely with bees which then become a symbol of Guerlain.  Thierry Wasser is the fourth generation successor of the family and has kept the company alive.

It believes in giving a French luxury touch not only to its products but made sure to curate a similar shopping experience for visitors flocking their stores. In 1914, House of Gurelain made its presence on 68, Champs-Elysees, Paris.

It was named to be the most beautiful avenue of the world. Guerlain also curated a makeup line. It still has a strong foothold in the luxury fragrance and beauty line. It has received registration and protection from the USPTO having registration no: 193391.

By Lex Protector 

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