Comic strips, that includes a chain over drawings along with small dialogues mostly used to narrate a story and it’s characters. It not only lessen the whole story but also makes it so interesting through pictures and story highlights. Along with cartoon pictures we can also find comic strips of true stories in newspapers, magazines or books.

We all must be acquainted with the social networking sites today which reduces the distance between people as one can share everyday moments with his friends, relatives through text, images, video and many more. People also like to create and share jokes as comic strips directly from the social networking website. Satish Kumar Sampath tried to fulfil this with his beautiful invention called “Self-creation of comic strips in social networks and other communications”, where depending upon the selected destinations for a comic strips such as; a social networking page, a user’s web page or mobile messaging device, the comic strips will be formatted and then can be posted as an image or related media or just a link of the strip.


His invention got Patent Protection with the Patent Number US8621366B1 on 31st December 2013.

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