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What is Websites/Apps Terms & Condition?

Your website and/or mobile application is the face of your business. While you concentrate to increase the traffic to your virtual office, you should take proper precaution to protect the same. The terms of use of your website/app, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc, not only help you to stay protected from misuse, but also helps to disclaim your liability in case of infringement of the rights of your users by any co-user. At Lex Protector, we have an deft drafting team which has the experience of drafting such documents for different kinds of websites.

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Terms of Use

The terms of use is like the backbone of a website/App. A strong and clear set of terms of use of a website/app helps in proper utilization of the website and avoids misuse of the same.

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Privacy Policy

A strong privacy policy helps you to check any potential infringement of privacy. At Lex Protector, we can draft an effective privacy policy for your website taking into consideration the nature of the website and target audience.

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Disclaimers help to avoid legal liabilities. A well drafted disclaimer is often found to be helpful to avoid unnecessary legal complications.

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Websites/Apps Terms & Condition Service

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FAQs on Websites/Apps Terms & Condition

Terms and Conditions is type of legal contract between the Company (Website/ App owner) and people visiting and using the website/app. It is a set of rules and regulations which needs to be followed before availing any services offered by that particular website or mobile Application. Those are specifications and standards embodied in the agreement or contract. The terms of the Terms and Conditions are non-negotiable. They mainly include but is not limited to, the description of the website, the mode and method of payment, disclaimers, age restrictions, intellectual property and claims handling mechanism, third- party site restrictions, end-user restrictions, etc.

Terms of use are set of rules or specifications explaining how to use the website/app. They describe the manner in which the user has to use the services of the website and app. It may describe the age limit to use certain services, some general conditions, necessary equipment and software, third party website and liability and proprietary rights in the contents of particular website/app.

Terms and Conditions are useful as they clearly lay down the terms that a user has to abide by before he starts using the website/application. It protects a business’s interest against dishonest users who may try to take advantage of his/her position. Moreover, you can provide good customer service as it maintains transparency between the parties. Terms and conditions minimizes your chances of getting into legal dispute and chances of mater being dragged to the court. The written terms and conditions help you comply with the law and gives you freedom to choose the courts or even certain outside court settlement procedures. It sets the mode and method of delivery and stops mismatching expectations by the consumers (as you would only perform things which you have specifically mentioned in those terms and conditions). You can also limit your liabilities by including some and excluding others in terms and conditions.

If somebody breaches Terms and Conditions, you are entitled to claim the damages /or enforce remedies that are prescribed in your favor within those Terms. You can even stop the infringer from availing further services of your website/app once the breach has occurred or take any necessary steps as you deem fit. It is important to note that those remedies which you would like to avail should be mentioned in your terms and conditions or in Terms of Use document.

There is no as such difference between the Terms of Use and the Terms of Conditions. While giving the title for your online platform, you can give any of these titles. The difference lies in what has been stated under the heading by the company/ the language used by the company. What is important is your Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use should be updated to provide you with required protection.

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Advantages of Websites/Apps Terms & Condition

Advantages of Terms of Use

Terms of use of a website or a mobile application is essentially is a “click and wrap” contract that comes into force as soon as the user clicks on the “I agree” icon or start using the website. The terms clearly state the conditions that must be fulfilled and are agreed to by the user before he/she start using the website or the mobile application. It avoids future troubles and litigation.

Advantages of Privacy policy

Privacy Policy describes the terms on the basis of which the personal data of the user is protected by the service provider and contains both statutory as well as customized clauses. The policy lays down the measures that have been taken to comply with the norms laid by law to protect the personal information of end users.

Advantages of Safe Harbour policy

Safe Harbour policy protects the ISP from contributory liability which the service provider may incur due to a content posted on his website. It provides a mechanism through which a user or a third party can inform the service provider about any right infringing material exhibited on the web forum so that latter can take it down.


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