Business & Hiring Contracts

Business & Hiring Contracts?

Business requires professionalism and the way of presentation plays a crucial role in determining the latitude of your venture. We have been helping start-ups and existing business establishment with drafting and preparation of all forms of business documents including, but not limited to, business proposals, brochures, investment proposals, Non-disclosure agreements, Joint-venture documents, Terms of employment, terms of association, Memorandum of Associations, Articles of Associations, etc. Our experienced drafting team may help you to have an edge over your competitors and also may minimize legal risks for your venture.

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Have a good set of employment rules drafted to maintain healthy work environment.

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We can draft proper investment proposal for your company that may help you to get investments.

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Business & Hiring Contracts Service

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FAQs on Business & Hiring Contracts

Business contracts are enforceable legal agreements entered between at least two parties engaged/proposing to be engaged in a business like structure or may be used in instances where services are rendered for a fee or where a specific duties are required to be performed. Business contracts to be valid must fulfil certain statutory requirements like name of the parties (it can be individual or a business name), consideration, terms and conditions including the right and obligations of each party and the legal purpose of the business agreement. Hiring contracts are entered into by two individuals setting out certain terms and conditions with respect to their duties and obligations.

Clearly laid down terms prevents misunderstanding about key points agreed between the parties which helps parties to run their business smoothly. The Contracts provide formal and legal record of both party’s expectations and agreement at the time of hire or at the time of entering into the business relationship. The contracts also protect you from unauthorized commitments made by any of the competent individual.

If the contract is drafted properly, according to the legal requirements as specified by law and relevant statute, they can be enforced in a court of law.

Those contracts are important when dealing with other party who is conducting the business (between two businesses). These contracts are also helpful between businesses and employees.

An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is a confidentiality agreement. It is a contract which creates legal obligation of privacy and compels those who are supposed to keep them a secret and secured. They are common in a business setting and you would normally find it where a person who holds certain type of trade secret, business secret (which can include client or customer information for your company, information about your business model) or some other confidential information. It is a type of assurance that if the information is leaked without the proper authorization, the other party will sue the party who has leaked the information. If the party has developed a new product or a mechanism or has come up with a concept which is new, the NDA agreements protect the patent rights. The NDA agreement draws a line between the information which specifically needs to be kept secret and things which are available to public at large.

To avail these services please fill up the form with required details and submit it. You can even send us an email specifying your requirements or can call us on the number available at our website.

Advantages of Business & Hiring Contracts

Way to Secure IP

Intellectual Property like trademark and patents cannot be enforced unless they are approved by the relevant authority. Business contracts like NDA and Independent Contractor agreement have specific clauses like work for hire clauses and non-confidentiality clauses which ensure that the IP remains secured even if your applications are pending with the relevant IP office.

Effective Alternatives

Business contracts are not an alternative to Patents but they serve as a panacea in cases where it is not possible to secure a patent. A process can be secured as a trade secret with the help of professionally drafted clauses which will ensure that your novel process remains protected even though no patent has been filed for it.

Weapon of First and Last Resort

Terms stated in an employment agreement is the only way to redress the issues between two parties. In case of any dispute, the rights and obligations set forth in the contracts can be used to address the issues that have cropped up between the parties.


Undaunted Passion for the Discipline

The basic source of our team’s strength and commitment lies in our dedication towards the discipline. Almost all of our team members exclusively have specialized in the field of Intellectual Property Rights and are passionate to deliver their best in terms of services.

Young Team of Professionals

Our team comprises of a group of skilled and young professionals who are capable of handling several tasks in an impeccable manner. Our young team of professionals specializes in the discipline of Intellectual Property Rights and has been delivering time bound results without compromising with the quality of the work. Our ambitions are driven by the idea of success which we believe rests in our client’s level of satisfaction with our work.

Global Network of Clients

Our client base has no geographical boundaries. For the last three years, we have been working with clients based in the regions like North America, South America, Australia, Europe and several South Asian Nations. Our global reach established via international networking in such a short period of time is purely a result of high level commitment towards our work and client satisfaction which we have garnered through the quality of our work.

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Lex Protector helped us file several trademarks and copyright. They were easy to reach, always available and were quick to understand the legal requirements of our business. Recommended!

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Eric Logan

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Davidson Hepburn

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Professional, great communicators, great results. Would not hesitate to use firm’s services for trademark registration again. Thanks!

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