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What is Lex Startup?

Lex start-up is a unique service offered by Lex Protector International Law Office that provides a range of services to help a start-up commence its business. The services include professional consultancy, advice regarding protection of your intellectual property and helping a start-up overcome all regulatory bottlenecks so that it can properly commence its operations. From a start-up company’s point of view, for a smooth launch, it is important to keep the expenses at minimal level but at the same time, there should be no compromise with the regulatory requirements mandatorily prescribed under the law. Lex Start-up offers a cost effective mechanism to overcome this problem faced by start-ups on bot National as well as International level.

Three step Services

Our Products

LLC/INC Start-up US

Discuss and strategize the possibility of setting up an LLC or an INC in United States along with other associated issues as per your requirements.

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Indian One Person Company Start-up

If you are the lone flag bearer, explore the viability of starting a one person company rather than taking the orthodox track of opening a Sole Proprietorship.

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Indian Company Start-up

Discuss and strategize the possibility of starting a business in India with our experts.

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Lex Startup Service

What all you get?

  • Face to face interactions with one of our experts
  • Professional execution of discussed strategy by experts
  • Professionally maintained Spreadsheets maintained on our local server
  • Regular Updates
  • Post Execution discussions

FAQs on Lex Startup

Lex Startup is one type of service provided by Lex Protector wherein a team of qualified individuals will help you overcome all regulatory bottlenecks in an efficient manner to help your start-up progress in the desired manner.

Every start-up differs from the other. The nature of service is different, the requirements of the entrepreneurs is different and thus the regulatory requirements also vary depending upon the nature of the business idea. We know how valuable initial assets of a start-up are, especially if it’s a bootstrap start-up. To address these concerns, we have formulated our unique service wherein we provide a proper launching pad to your start-up so that it can take off smoothly.

Practically everything that a start-up needs from the regulatory point of view and since requirements of start-ups varies, it is difficult to objectively lay down the services. But generally I will include professional consultancy services, trademark registration, patent filings, copyright registration, drafting of commercial agreements, user agreements for websites and mobile apps, company incorporation services and many more.

You just have to follow simple steps. You can fill up the form available online and submit it. You can even call on the number provided on the website or you can email us by providing the details and your specifications if any.

Advantages of Lex Startup

Proactive strategizing Measure

Choosing our Lex start-up services ipso facto shows your proactivity and your sound business strategy making ability. Discussions with our associates will help you clarify your doubts regarding the regulatory formalities and necessary measures that you must take in order to protect your product before you launch your services in commerce.

A Combo of Imperative Services

Our Services under this head include many proactive measures like suggesting the most favourable mode of entity incorporation for your business, strategizing the method or protecting your Intellectual Property assets via copyright, patent and trademark registrations, doing a market analysis of your competitors, etc. All these services are basically a prerequisite before commercially exposing your business idea and launching your services for the target customer.

Minimize Chances of Future Conflicts

Since our offering is based upon a proactive concept, most of the measures are essentially a part of comprehensive due diligence that is necessary from a start-up point of view. Trademark search, Business name availability, IP consultation, etc. are some of the services that are included within this head. Proper execution of these services ensures that there are no overlaps between your services and the other right holders.


Undaunted Passion for the Discipline

The basic source of our team’s strength and commitment lies in our dedication towards the discipline. Almost all of our team members exclusively have specialized in the field of Intellectual Property Rights and are passionate to deliver their best in terms of services.

Young Team of Professionals

Our team comprises of a group of skilled and young professionals who are capable of handling several tasks in an impeccable manner. Our young team of professionals specializes in the discipline of Intellectual Property Rights and has been delivering time bound results without compromising with the quality of the work. Our ambitions are driven by the idea of success which we believe rests in our client’s level of satisfaction with our work.

Global Network of Clients

Our client base has no geographical boundaries. For the last three years, we have been working with clients based in the regions like North America, South America, Australia, Europe and several South Asian Nations. Our global reach established via international networking in such a short period of time is purely a result of high level commitment towards our work and client satisfaction which we have garnered through the quality of our work.

Happy Clients

Lex Protector helped us file several trademarks and copyright. They were easy to reach, always available and were quick to understand the legal requirements of our business. Recommended!

Eric Logan

Eric Logan

CEO VitaminBestBuy, NY, USA

Great work as always for Trademark Search from Lex Protector.

Davidson Hepburn

Davidson Hepburn

MD Gold Tiger Holdings, FL, USA

Professional, great communicators, great results. Would not hesitate to use firm’s services for trademark registration again. Thanks!

Matthew Hodge

Matthew Hodge

Founder Star Pack, Australia