The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States law that implement two 1996 treaties of the world Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).DMCA is a part of US Copyright law. A DMCA Takedown is when content is removed from websites at the request of owner of the content or owner of the copyright of the content.DMCA Takedown does not require the content to be copyrighted in order to process the takedown.

The DMCA is the latest amendment to copyrightlaw, which introduced a new category of copyright violations that prohibit the circumvention of technical locks and controls on the use of digital content and products.

The DMCA contain four main provisions:
1. A prohibition on circumventing access controls
2. An access control circumvention device ban
3. A copyright protection circumvention device ban
4. A prohibition on the removal of copyright management information

DMCA also intensifies the protection of intellectual property right to be able to move forward along with the advancement of information communication technologies. We at Lex Protector International Office provide all types of services with DMCA Search, DMCA Takedown, and DMCA Takedown request services.

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