Trade mark Infringement: In light of the Nippon Steel Case

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Trade mark Infringement: In light of the Nippon Steel Case

Written by: Bhagyalaxmi Basotia  The main purpose of Trade Mark on any product is to make the consumers aware of the origin of the product. It distinguishes the product of an individual from that of another. Trademark infringement occurs when an individual or a company uses a particular mark on its own product when such […]

McDonalds Loses EU trademark battle over BigMac

Written By: Spandana Mishra In January 2019, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Spain has given a watershed judgment on the trademark with long-term ramifications. The landmark judgment reads verbatim that McDonald’s has failed to prove “genuine use” of the Big Mac trademark as a burger or restaurant. The legal battle was between SuperMac and […]

Hakuna Matata – Common Phrase vs. The Trademark

Written by: Rutuparna Acharya “Hakuna Matata,” the registered trademark of Disney filed in 1994 is now surrounded with specific controversies, and the reason behind this controversy is thoroughly enumerated below. ‘Walt Disney’ or just to say ‘Disney’ – the famous name in the world of animation is well-known to everyone. Its creation, Lion King – […]

Infosys Vs Infosys

Written By : Rutuparna Acharya When it comes to Trademarks, if the mark is confusingly similar or identical to another, then there is a likelihood of confusion among the targeted consumers. Recently, Infosys, the IT outsourcing giant has won the trademark infringement battle over its name, against New York-based Information Technology firm Infosys International Inc. […]

Hasbro trademarks the nostalgic smell of ‘Play Doh’

Written by: Ashka Vora The term ‘Play Doh’ does not require any introduction as it has been a basic house hold toy since years. This familiar substance used to create various shapes and objects has won the hearts of children since decades. Anyone who has ever played with or sniffed Play Doh is familiar with […]


Written By: Sohil Sankalp Recently, there has been news that a company “United Trademark Holdings” has applied in USPTO for trademark registration over ‘Rapunzel’. The company’s application has been opposed by a Massachusetts law professor Rebecca Curtin. Rapunzel features as the protagonist in the famous classical fairy tale ‘Rapunzel’. United Trademark is an American company […]

Ferraro Rocher’s Sweet Victory against Golden Passion in Trade Dress Battle

Written by Sanghamitra Panda and Rutuparna Acharya Anyone who eats chocolates must have heard the name “Ferraro Rocher”. This mouth-watering, crispy chocolaty balls wrapped in golden coloured wrapper, are produced by an Italian chocolatier Ferrero Spa. These chocolates are especially known and recognised by their packaging and shape. Ferrero has secured trademark registrations in numerous […]

Messi Wins long battle over Trademark

Written By: Harshal Jain Lionel Messi is not somebody who needs an introduction-at least to those who follow football. As his stature grew, so did his fanbase around the world. From the streets of Barcelona to the fields of war torn Afghanistan and the narrow towns of world, Nos 10 jersey is worn with pride […]