Today’s Patent-Process of producing paints and stains

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Today’s Patent-Process of producing paints and stains

Paints not only protect wall, house, furniture etc. but also make them beautiful, as such it needs to be produced in such a manner which should be of good quality and durable. George Washington Carver came up with a new process of producing paints and stains from clays which got patent protection with the Patent […]

Patent of the week-Toy truck

Usually children like to play with toys and enjoy without thinking about how to improve it more to make it more interesting. But for Robert W Patch the scenario was different. He was awarded for a toy truck design which can be assembled and disassembled easily and can be changed into different types of vehicles […]

Patent of the week- Improvement in electrographic vote-recorder

Thomas A. Edison who often got fired from job for not being an excellent telegrapher become famous for his inventions. He received more than 1000 patents in his name during his lifetime with the first feather in his cap on 1st June 1869 bearing patent number US90646A for ‘Improvement in electrographic vote-recorder’. His invention which […]


An X-ray diagnostic apparatus was patented by Kobayashi, Yoshimasa, Dhashi and Shumpei on May 15th, 2018, bearing Patent number US 9968326. This invention includes an X-ray tube holding device which helps generating X-rays. It also has an X-ray detector which is configured to detect X-rays; A rotator, which holds the housing so as to be […]

Patent of the week-Hibiscus plant named ‘DUP-CHIP’

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis commonly known as Chinese hibiscus, China rose or rose mallow is a species of tropical hibiscus, a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family. It is interesting to know that Robert James Dupont, SR. has invented a new and distinct way of growing Hibiscus flower, which got patent protection with the Patent […]

Patent of the Week-Street-cleaning machinery

Today everyone wants to live in such a place which must be hygiene and clean as we all are cautious for our health. Streets or roads in cities or villages is one of the important part which need to be cleaned to maintain a healthy surrounding and environment. That’s why we must have seen there […]

Today’s Patent-Flaked cereals and process of preparing same

In today’s times, most of the families comprises of working individuals. Such individuals who are engaged in full-time jobs hardly get any time to cook. Sometimes, eating junk food remains the only option in such case. On the other hand, old-aged people who are living alone also face the same problem. In the light of […]

Patent of the week-Instrument for improving the hearing

Now-a-days with the improvement in medical sector, apparatus, instruments and scientific technology, when anyone becomes ill or damage caused to any human organ, getting cured or replacement of the impaired part is no longer remain a barrier. Disability of hearing loss is one of such measure diseases, by which we loss our hearing quality and […]

Today’s Patent-Combined table knife and fork

When we go to any restaurant we find a plate along with a spoon, knife, and fork on the table. This is a manner in which every restaurant usually works. There are many foods which we can take easily with the help of a fork and knife. But can we imagine if there will be […]

Today’s Patent-Detachable wireless listening device

Wherever we are whether at home or work or at any other places, almost all of us like to listen to music as it makes us feel good and relaxed. Today we can find there are ranges of portable media player or wireless listening devices available to fulfill the ongoing demand of listening to music […]