Today’s Patent- Metalloscope

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Today’s Patent- Metalloscope

Metals become useful as they result in production or construction of things such as jewellery, bridges, house, automobile parts and many more that everyone needs in their day-to-day life. Keeping it’s utility in mind, earlier various methods were used to find out the hidden metals. But the means and methods used earlier are time consuming, […]

Today’s Patent- Cuff Adjuster

We all must want to look perfect wherein dressing styles play an important role. While wearing shirts or any kind of similar dresses those with sleeves we often like to adjust its cuffs i.e its end parts as per our choice and suitability. Cuff-adjuster makes this easier which is available in many forms at present. […]

Today’s Patent- Typewriting machine

If we go back to few years when computer was not there people use typewriter at home and office to produce printed documents. Although today everyone is acquainted with computers but even now typewriters have their own craze and we can find there are some people still using it.   On 25th December 1928 Alonzo B Ely and Edwin L […]

Today’s Patent- Folding Chair

Folding chair – everyone like to have it to feel good and relaxed due to its comfortableness while seating. That’s why it is found everywhere such as in a home, office or in any social event, function etc. Today numerous types of Folding chairs are available that is made up of with different materials like […]

Today’s Patent- Vacuum cleaning apparatus

Different kinds of machinery such as carding machines are used in textile industries for production of clothes or any other related materials such as fiber, yarn etc, and  after the process of production lots of waste, lint, dust, dirt are left inside the machine, which needs to be removed or else when the machines are […]

Today’s Patent- Cottage with removable roof

Can you imagine if you are staying in a home whose roof you can remove whenever you want so as to take fresh air or sun light or to enjoy the nature around you. Yes, you can. Especially, in tourist places to attract tourists, to make them comfort and to make their holiday trip memorable, […]

Today’s Patent- Improvement in paper for packing

Packaging – sounds easy but in work is not that so and manly extra caution is needed for those products in which the chances of breakage is more. That’s the reason day-by-day different types of packaging styles can be seen in market with with new and improved packaging materials. On 19th December 1871, ILL. JO-INES got […]

Today’s Patent- Mistletoe supporting headband

Mistletoe – is one kind of plant having several benefits, thus used by many ancient cultures as a healing remedy. Around in 18th century people have started using it as a part of Christmas festive with the tradition of kissing under Mistletoe. With the belief hanging of Mistletoe in entrance of any Christmas eve becomes […]

Today’s Patent- Coalescer and separator for oily water

These days with growth of industries and technologies in several fields, environment is also getting polluted day by day, which is ultimately affecting our health. When it comes to oil, when it mixes with water makes it becomes harmful and ultimately have adverse impact upon everyone. But, thanks to Gerard P Canevari and Robert J […]