Alexa- The New Age Emotional Assistant

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Alexa- The New Age Emotional Assistant

Written By: Panktee Trivedi Amazon has undoubtedly become a household name in the field of e-commerce services. Although it became a pioneer in the e-commerce sector, it did not limit its reach and had ever since evolved by venturing into different areas such as Consumer Electronics, Cloud Storage, Goods & Services, Digital Media, etc. One […]

Pfizer loses patent infringement case against Actavis in UK

Written By: Harun Shaikh Before going to the long run patent infringement case, let’s understand first, what is second medical use claims and what is skinny labels in the pharmaceutical area. A different field of use of a known molecule can be subject to Patent Protection, this type of patent is called a second medical […]

The Cause and Effect of Patent Trolling

Written By: Shilpa Chaudhury The main idea behind granting Patent Protection is safeguarding the labor invested by someone in coming up with a new invention. The protection provides a monopoly to the applicant and also encourages others to come up with new inventions. Patent Protection is beneficial for business entities as they commercialize the patents […]

Dr. Reddy and Eli Lilly- a Patent Tussle over Alimta

Written By: Stuti Raibagkar An Indian multinational pharmaceutical company- Dr. Reddy’s Lab (DRL) has lost a legal battle with Eli Lilly and Company- a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The battle is revolving around Alimta (pemetrexed for injection), a drug used for treatment of various types of cancer, in USA. A U.S. court […]

Ten Million Patents: – Milestone in USPTO

Written By: Shilpa Chaudhury A system which started with the aim to “Promote and Progress Science and useful Arts”, gained a whole new level of achievement, when on 19th June, United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO), issued Patent number ten million. This patent is issued for “Coherent Ladar Using Intra-Pixel Quadrature Detection” to Raytheon Company. […]

Nuziveedu wins BT Cotton Patent Tussle

Written by Rutuparna Acharya The long battle between Monsanto Co. and Nuziveedu, an Indian Seed Company has come to an end. It was the case of patentability on BT Cotton Seed Varity of Monsanto. Monsanto, an US based Agricultural Company, had secured patent in India over BT Cotton Seed Varieties, Bollgard and Bollgard II in […]


Written by: Stuti Raibagkar and Stuti Yagnik It’s now easier for startups from all over world to file a patent in India.  The Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2016, an amendment by DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion) which have made the startups eligible to get 80% rebate on their patent application fees. This amendment hasn’t […]

Uber- Alphabet: Tussle for Self-driving Technology

Written by: Stuti Raibagkar Here is one more for the biggest ride hail Company- Uber. It is already dealing with numerous court cases and is facing criticism for its law Enforcement evading software. Now it is faced with one more lawsuit and this relates to Intellectual Property. Alphabet- Google’s parent company has sued Uber for […]

Indian Salt Gets ‘Nostalgic’ After Big Patent Victory over Unilever

Written By: Rojalin Dhal 85 years ago, India’s greatest freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi had initiated the famous revolutionary movement called “Salt Satyagraha” to produce India’s own salt which had paved way for demolishing British monopoly over salt in the Colonial India. The history has once again repeated itself. India has won the Patent war over […]