Movie title has no copyright: Madras High Court

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Movie title has no copyright: Madras High Court

Written By: Sanghamitra Panda Now-a-days, copyright infringement has become a serious issue in the Indian scenario. The term copyright means an exclusive right of the owner/author of the work preventing others to copy the artistic, literary and dramatic work. Problem comes in finding out the scope of the work on which copyright subsists. In a […]

Copyright Claim under the Scanner of Mandatory Registration

Written By: Bibhudatta Kar  Copyright is one of the protection of human intelligence related to literary, artistic and dramatic works. The growing rate of copyright infringement is an alarming issue as free riders are always in search to take advantage of works, which do not belong to them. In the context of infringement, the registration of […]

Monkey Loses Copyright Battle

Written by: – Shilpa Chaudhury and Sanghamitra Panda In 2011, a certain crested macaque from Indonesia named “Naruto” became famous overnight. Selfies turned into a sensational news. The selfies were not associated with any human, rather it was of Naruto. PETA, usually known as, People for the Ethical Treatments for Animals, claimed Naruto’s right over […]

Woods leading to Copyright Hodgepodge

Written By: Suhani Pattnaik Entertainment industry being home to many artistic skills and creative works can be a huge legal minefield. An iota of carelessness can jeopardize the whole cinematographic creation. We have seen movie producers and scriptwriters getting entangled in legal disputes, putting their investment worth millions of dollars at stake. It’s a common […]

And This Time is Not Joking!

Written By: Avasi Mohanty Bollywood is widely known to be the breeding ground for Masala. Most of this “Masala” is not only limited to gossip, disputes and patch-ups, but also to several legal snags that keep hopping up due to some reason or the other. Intellectual property squabbles nevertheless are the most popular ones. Filmmakers […]

PK: A Copyright Violating Farishta!!

Written by: Swasti Panda The recent outrage against Rajkumar Hirani’s masterpiece ‘PK’ for hurting religious sentiments was struck down as groundless by the Delhi High Court. But just before the Hirani camp could puff out the sigh of relief from its belly, it found itself knocked over by one more legal notice alleging copyright infringement […]

Are You In The Cloud??

Written By: Lipsa Dash The recent outrageous news about leakage of several private pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar winning actress, popular for being the lead star in Hollywood Blockbusters like Silver Lining Playbook and The Hunger Games, on certain image sharing forums has stirred-up the hornet’s nest. Hollywood and Music celebrities have become vulnerable […]

US Business Associations urge Obama to take corrective measure for fair trade with India

The captains of seventeen leading US industry associations including including US Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to US President Obama urging him to take effective steps on discriminatory behavior of Government of India (GOI) with the US business communities. The associations represent the industries from manufacturing to agricultural services. They mentioned that the present […]

Intellectual Property Theft-A Real Menace of the Digital Age

Overview: Internet is the most remarkable invention of the twentieth century. The internet has opened many new avenues for growing the business. It has also become a part and parcel of our lives. On the other hand, rapid download speeds, perfection of digital copying and the rise of e-commerce have increased the chance of piracy […]

Background of World Conference of International Telecommunication (WCTI-12)

International Telecom Union (ITU) convened a meeting from 3rd to 14th December 2012, at Dubai to review the draft International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs). The purpose and the scope of the draft resolution is to find out a better communication system in today’s world. The main focus will be on the modern communication tools like internet, […]