It’s Green Signal From USPTO For Google’s Smart Contact Lens

It’s Green Signal From USPTO For Google’s Smart Contact Lens

Written By: Rosalin Dhal Innovation knows no boundaries and when there is will (and money :P) to innovate, nobody can stop you. In this techno-freak world, smart gadgets have become an essential part of human sustenance. Forget about touch screen smartphones and solar panels, scientists have developed Invisibility Cloaks that can make even Harry Potter […]

Woods leading to Copyright Hodgepodge

Written By: Suhani Pattnaik Entertainment industry being home to many artistic skills and creative works can be a huge legal minefield. An iota of carelessness can jeopardize the whole cinematographic creation. We have seen movie producers and scriptwriters getting entangled in legal disputes, putting their investment worth millions of dollars at stake. It’s a common […]

What’s In The Name Mr. Hawking?

Being a celebrity is really worth of having everything. But does this everything allows you to monopolize your name as a trademark, which will have the effect to secluding others from using a similar one in the territory? The question has popped-up (again) because the eminent British physicist Stephen Hawking has recently filed an application […]

It’s Déjà vu For Cipla: Patent Office Revokes Another Granted Patent

Written By: Rosalin Dhal Historic Recurrence is a Natural Phenomenon. When Supreme Court cancelled Novartis’ Patent on Glivec, it was clearly a tragedy for the latter and was expected to create a farse for the other branded drug-makers. But no one would have thought that a small hail-ball will groom into a full-fledged snowball so […]

Woodland Receives a Woody Cane From Consumer Forum

The recent judgment delivered by the Delhi State Consumer Forum against woodland is an eye opener for entities operating in single brand retail. In a short judgment, the forum reprimanded woodland by imposing a fine of INR One lakh for selling goods of a brand other than its own without giving consumers any intimation about […]

And This Time is Not Joking!

Written By: Avasi Mohanty Bollywood is widely known to be the breeding ground for Masala. Most of this “Masala” is not only limited to gossip, disputes and patch-ups, but also to several legal snags that keep hopping up due to some reason or the other. Intellectual property squabbles nevertheless are the most popular ones. Filmmakers […]

Delhi High Court Revives Gilead’s Patent Application

In a big setback to the Indian Generic Drug-makers, Delhi High Court has allowed the writ petition filed by Gilead Pharmasset LLC against the Union of India for an adverse order passed against it by the Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs. The Deputy Controller had rejected Gilead’s application for failing to satisfy the criterion […]

Monaco ne peut pas être une marque

Being patriotic is one thing and being affectionate about something is different. But in the garb of your patriotism, you can’t just go to the extent of seeking exclusivity over your country name to distinguish your goods and services. The General Court of EU has rejected appeal of Les Marques de (the applicant that replaced […]

PK: A Copyright Violating Farishta!!

Written by: Swasti Panda The recent outrage against Rajkumar Hirani’s masterpiece ‘PK’ for hurting religious sentiments was struck down as groundless by the Delhi High Court. But just before the Hirani camp could puff out the sigh of relief from its belly, it found itself knocked over by one more legal notice alleging copyright infringement […]

Are You In The Cloud??

Written By: Lipsa Dash The recent outrageous news about leakage of several private pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar winning actress, popular for being the lead star in Hollywood Blockbusters like Silver Lining Playbook and The Hunger Games, on certain image sharing forums has stirred-up the hornet’s nest. Hollywood and Music celebrities have become vulnerable […]