Patent of the Week-Street-cleaning machinery

Patent of the Week-Street-cleaning machinery

Today everyone wants to live in such a place which must be hygiene and clean as we all are cautious for our health. Streets or roads in cities or villages is one of the important part which need to be cleaned to maintain a healthy surrounding and environment. That’s why we must have seen there […]

Today’s Trademark- Kellogg’s

Whenever we think about cornflakes or for that matter any morning breakfast cereal one name comes to our mind instantaneously I.e. Kellogg’s. The company started when the founder W.K. Kellogg and his brother and his brother, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg failed in making Granola and  accidentally flaked wheat berry. They kept experimenting until they were […]

Today’s Patent-Flaked cereals and process of preparing same

In today’s times, most of the families comprises of working individuals. Such individuals who are engaged in full-time jobs hardly get any time to cook. Sometimes, eating junk food remains the only option in such case. On the other hand, old-aged people who are living alone also face the same problem. In the light of […]

Patent of the week-Instrument for improving the hearing

Now-a-days with the improvement in medical sector, apparatus, instruments and scientific technology, when anyone becomes ill or damage caused to any human organ, getting cured or replacement of the impaired part is no longer remain a barrier. Disability of hearing loss is one of such measure diseases, by which we loss our hearing quality and […]

Trademark of the Month- Apple

We all are well acquainted with the half eaten apple logo. This logo belongs to one of the well known name in the consumer electronics, personal computer, server etc. The company was the outcome of the hard work of two steves namely Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. They wanted to make user friendly computers. With […]

Today’s Trademark- Dunhill

At the age of 21 one 21 year old young man inherited his father’s saddlery business. Seeing the need of automobile he thought of coming up with car accessories such as car horns and lamps, leather overcoats, goggles, picnic sets and timepieces. After that there was no looking back the company soon became one of […]

Today’s Trademark- Aveeno

When it comes to skin care products “Aveeno” is a renowned name. Owned by one of world’s leading company Johnson and Johnson, the company has reached new levels of success. Founded in the year 1945 by brothers Albert and Sydney Musher, the company launched their first product Soothing bath Treatment. After that there was no […]

Trademark of the week- Yahoo!

The history heads back to 1994, when two graduate students of Stanford University, named Jerry Yang and Davis Filo introduced a website named ‘Jerry and David’s guide to the World Wide Web’. The website was renamed as ‘Yahoo’ within a few months after the launch of the site. Before Google or Facebook, Yahoo was the […]

Today’s Trademark- Tim Horton

Tim Horton, a National hockey legend, opened a restaurant that is famous for coffee, doughnuts in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964. After nearly 3 years, Tim Horton and Ron Joyce became partners and started working on the expansion of the business. In the subsequent years, as the business started to expand and accumulate goodwill, little did […]

Today’s Trademark- North Face

In the year 1966, a small retail store was founded by two hiking enthusiasts in North beach of San Francisco named the ‘North Face’. The brand started with the mantra ‘Never Stop Exploring’ intending to contribute to explorers in their expedition journey and serving the natural wild lands. By the end of the decade in […]