Trademark of the week- Johnie Walker

Month: January 2019

Trademark of the week- Johnie Walker

It was in the 1819, in a town called Kilmarnock in Scotland a young boy called John had just lost his father. During this time, he sold off his father’s farm and with that money he opened his grocery market. In those days the grocers sold the single malt that never tasted the same. This […]

Today’s Trademark-Zurich Insurance

Zurich Insurance was founded in 1869 as Marine Insurance Company. Due to this in its very beginning the outreach of the company was global reaching till New York. It gradually developed personal accident policy for lower-income earners. By the time it had several branches in Brussels, London and Paris but in Germany it had its […]

Today’s Trademark- Cartier

Cartier was founded in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier. The three brother Pierre, Louis and Jacque travelled to different corners of the world and got mainly inspired by the glorious art in Russia and India. In 1909 when the Boutique was opened in New Bond Street the different aristocracies flocked open. Jacque took […]

Today’s Trademark- Bank of China

Bank of China was founded in February 1912. Over the time it changed its functions as central bank of the government to government authorized international exchange fund to specialized international trade bank. In 1949 The Bank of China was taken over by the newly founded government People’s Republic of China. From time to time and […]

Trademark of the week- Adidas

‘Impossible is Nothing’; Yes, the first image that comes to our mind is David Beckham scribbling the quote on a glass. But, little do we remember that it was for a commercial for the company ‘Addidas’. Adidas name comes from the German shoemaker himself Adi Dasler. In the 1900s, Adi Dasler started his journey in […]

Today’s Patent- Metalloscope

Metals become useful as they result in production or construction of things such as jewellery, bridges, house, automobile parts and many more that everyone needs in their day-to-day life. Keeping it’s utility in mind, earlier various methods were used to find out the hidden metals. But the means and methods used earlier are time consuming, […]

Today’s Trademark- Champion

Champion is famous brand known for athletic and sportswear. It was founded in 1919 in New York, USA. Champion is one of the pioneers in inventing the different kind of apparels best suited for its comfort.   It became famous for being the first to invent the ‘reverse weave’ and also became famous for creating […]

Hakuna Matata – Common Phrase vs. The Trademark

Written by: Rutuparna Acharya “Hakuna Matata,” the registered trademark of Disney filed in 1994 is now surrounded with specific controversies, and the reason behind this controversy is thoroughly enumerated below. ‘Walt Disney’ or just to say ‘Disney’ – the famous name in the world of animation is well-known to everyone. Its creation, Lion King – […]