Today’s Patent- Self-creation of comic strips in social networks and other communications

Month: December 2018

Today’s Trademark- Santander

Santander Bank is one of the oldest banks, previously known as Sovereign Bank It first took a shape in 1856 and slowly expanded but it was somewhere in between 1900-1913 Banco Santander , the founder expanded its scope of financial operations and appointed a full time chairman. It merged small banks and starting making it […]

Today’s Trademark- Guerlain

Guerlain is one of the oldest luxury fragrance brand originated in France in 1829. Guerlain gained its major breakthrough i n 1953 when the founder Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain created Eau de Cologne Imperial for the Empress Eguiene to celebrate her marriage to Napoleon III. What also became iconic was the bottle that was carved exquisitely with […]

Today’s Patent- Cuff Adjuster

We all must want to look perfect wherein dressing styles play an important role. While wearing shirts or any kind of similar dresses those with sleeves we often like to adjust its cuffs i.e its end parts as per our choice and suitability. Cuff-adjuster makes this easier which is available in many forms at present. […]

Today’s Trademark- QVC

QVC is an American company that paved its way by creating a shopping experience through a television channel. It ditched the brick and mortar style of retail and commerce and offered the same experience visually.   It established its first broadcasting in West Chester along with five other distribution channels in California, Texas, Virginia, North […]

Today’s Trademark- Hyundai

Hyundai is an automobile company founded in 1967 in Seoul, South Korea.  The first car that was made by Hyundai was ‘Cortina’ and then ‘Pony’. Ecuador was the first country that they exported the cars to.   Soon, they exported to Canada, and it picked up sales rapidly. Although it could not get a clearance […]

Today’s Trademark- Cisco

We have all heard the famous saying ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. Len Bosack and his wife Sandy Lerner both worked for Stanford University. They wanted to send an email to each other through their offices but somehow due to lack technological advances they both could not communicate. In order to solve this, a […]

Today’s Trademark- Fritolay

In 1932, C. E. Doolin found Frito Co. And Herman Lay started selling potato chips.  Lay and Doolin began a close business relationship where Frito Co. sold Lays potato chips in the Southwest and Lays Co. sells Frito’s corn chips in Southeast. In 1948, Cheetos was introduced and in 1958 the very famous Ruffles Chips […]

Today’s Patent- Typewriting machine

If we go back to few years when computer was not there people use typewriter at home and office to produce printed documents. Although today everyone is acquainted with computers but even now typewriters have their own craze and we can find there are some people still using it.   On 25th December 1928 Alonzo B Ely and Edwin L […]

Trademark of the Month- ZARA

Zara has created a name for itself across the world for its highly fashionable clothing line that is worn by all but there is a very little that we know regarding the inception of the brand. Zara is a Spanish clothing brand that falls under the company called Inditex which is one of the world’s […]