Trademark of the Week – Pfizer

Month: November 2018

Trademark of the Week – Pfizer

Pfizer Inc., an American Pharmaceutical Corporation. The company  is very famous as one of the World’s far-reaching pharmaceutical companies. It is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. It produces vaccines and medicines for the people at large. It made the second largest pharmaceutical settlement by the United States Department of Justice. It became the […]

Today’s Patent- EXCAVATOR

On 30th November 1880, lafrnnr Joseph Clark  got patent protection for a convenient invention namely Excavator with the Patent No. US234851A in USPTO. He came up with this with the aim of reducing the cost, time and labour which is required in any construction work whether for road, railway or mining, so as to make […]

Today’s Patent- Speaking Telephone

On 29th November, 1881, Francis Blake has got Patent protection for a useful invention which is an improvement in speaking telephone with the Patent No. US250126A in USPTO. Telephone, the name that everyone knows has become the bare necessity of day-to-day life as it reduces the communication gap between persons irrespective of whatever the distance […]

Today’s Trademark – HIKVISION

Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. the foremost supplier of video surveillance products and solutions around 150 countries. They have advanced the core technologies of audio and video encoding, and related data storage, as well as forward-looking technologies such as cloud computing, big data. Founded in 2001 and Headquartered at Hangzhou, China, as of now […]

Today’s Patent- Police Handcuff

We know for police officers handcuff works as a tool to arrest offenders. It is surprising to see that such a petty thing has come across many changes, starting from 28th November, 1882 when Edward Davis Bean of Chelsea,  came up with certain useful improvements in Police handcuff. For which he got Patent protection with […]

Today’s Patent- Gas engine

Gas engines are another alternative to diesel or petrol engine which can be operated with various types of gas such as natural gas, mine gas, bio gas, syngas etc. If we compare it with diesel engines, gas engines offer lower consumption with high power at an affordable price which can be used in all the […]

Today’s Patent- Transparent photographic film

Transparent photographic film are those which first record a fixed image, when the film is exposed to light. It stores the image until the camera lens is used to produce the image with the required changes to make the image transparent and visible. In the initial phase, the strip or sheet of this film were […]

Today’s Patent- Improvement in wire-fences

Wire fences work as a protecting layer for any kind of Industry or agricultural field or for any private property. It protects the property against trespassing of animals or persons. Around 9 patents were granted to American Inventors for the improvement to wire fencing. Joseph Glidden is one of them. He got patent over his […]

Today’s Patent- Car-co uplhmg

Born in 1849 as a slave Andrew-Jackson Beard become a great inventor for Car-co uplhmg. His invention which is also famous as ‘Jenny Coupler’ is mainly related to railway car coupling that has got patent protection on 23rd November 1897 with the Patent No. US594059A by USPTO. Previously coupling of car is done with the […]

Infosys Vs Infosys

Written By : Rutuparna Acharya When it comes to Trademarks, if the mark is confusingly similar or identical to another, then there is a likelihood of confusion among the targeted consumers. Recently, Infosys, the IT outsourcing giant has won the trademark infringement battle over its name, against New York-based Information Technology firm Infosys International Inc. […]