Today’s Patent- Systems and methods for decoding card swipe signals

Month: July 2018

Trademark of the Week- Braclays

Barclays is a British multinational bank and financial services Company. Headquartered in London, the company has opened its branches in 50 countries and territories. The company also specialises in corporate banking, personal banking, wealth management and investment management. Barcley got registration over their mark on 3rd May, 1994 in USPTO with registration number 1834073, and […]

Today’s Patent- Metering System

Measurement is an essential part of life. Be that measurement of height, weight or power and energy. Measurement of these are important and unavoidable. To make measurement of power and energy easier, effective and less time consuming, Gordon R Shuck came up with new and improved metering system. This metering system uses effective method to […]

Today’s Trademark-Subaru

Subaru is the automobile manufacturing division of Subaru Corporation, which is a Japanese conglomerate. Subaru Corporation was previously known as “Fuji Heavy Industries”. The cars of this company are well known for their use of boxer engines in most of their vehicles above 1500 cc. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan today the company is selling their […]

Today’s Patent- swimming pool leaf removal net

When you have a swimming pool, it is inevitable that the swimming pool will get dirty and full of leaf and debris. To get a permanent solution to this problem “Ross M Clay” made a design of the “Swimming Pool leaf and debris removal net”. This was new improvement to the already existing design of […]

Today’s Trademark-Christian Louboutin

Everyone, from inside and outside the fashion industry are well aware of the name “Christian Louboutin”. This French fashion designer is famous for his signature shoes which has shiny, red lacquered sole. This red sole has gained the well- known status in many countries including India. Along with the famous red sole, louboutin has partnered […]

Today’s Patent- Air Refrigerant

We all have a idea regarding refrigerators, Air conditioners in today’s generation. we can not imagine life without these inventions. It has become the basic utility product for every common man. Oliver Josolyn Ellis, a man from England came up with an improvement patent over Air refrigeration apparatus which is used in refrigerators. The Air […]

Today’s Trademark- Biore

Biore was founded by Kao corporation in year 1982. It is a Japan based cosmetics company. Biore deals with skincare and face care products. Biore products have set up major brand value in the cosmetics industry ranking 9th in World’s most valuable Cosmetic. Biore got registration in Japan on 28th July 1983 with foreign registration […]

Today’s Patent- Aibo Dog

Having a dog is amazing, but having a robotic dog is more than amazing. Somewhere in 1999 tech giant Sony realised this fact and made a robotic dog and named it AIBO, which in Japanese means pal or partner. Inventor Masahiro Fujita made this possible. However, this was not a first robotic pet, before Aibo, […]

Today’s Trademark- Equinix

Eqinix.Inc is an American multinational company. It was founded by Al Avery and Jay Adelson in year 1998. Headquartered in Redwood city, California, Equinix specializes in providing Internet connection and related services. With time Equinix expanded the territory and entered into the European market by establishing its market in major countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, […]