Allopathy Doctors to Bear Separate Identity Symbol

Month: August 2017

Allopathy Doctors to Bear Separate Identity Symbol

Written By: Rojalin Dhal   The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has tried to make a distinction between the Doctors practicing in modern medicines from other types of medical practitioners by adopting a new symbol to be used only by the Allopathy Medical Practitioners. It has already applied for the registration of the same with the […]

Uber- Alphabet: Tussle for Self-driving Technology

Written by: Stuti Raibagkar Here is one more for the biggest ride hail Company- Uber. It is already dealing with numerous court cases and is facing criticism for its law Enforcement evading software. Now it is faced with one more lawsuit and this relates to Intellectual Property. Alphabet- Google’s parent company has sued Uber for […]