GST on Branded Products and its Implication on Indian Trademark Regime

Month: July 2017

Symbolic Sari of Charity is now a Registered Trademark in India

Written By: Rojalin Dhal Ever wondered if a sari could be protected under Intellectual Property Rights? Well, a Kolkata based leading lawyer of India, Mr. Biswajit Sarkar has made this possible by registering the blue and white pattern sari worn by the nuns of MOC, with the Indian Trademark Registry. The Trademark Registry has registered this blue […]

Taj Palace Hotel sets new example in Indian Trademark Regime!

  Written By: Ashka Vora What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Trademark’? A brand name, a logo, numbers, colour scheme? Well, the scope of trademark is much wider than this and Taj Mahal Palace Hotel of Mumbai has just set a new example by becoming the first building to get trademark […]