KITKAT Bland Cadbury’s Sweetness

Month: August 2015

KITKAT Bland Cadbury’s Sweetness

Written By: Rojalin Dhal Nestle has been in news for all bad reasons recently, especially in India, for its product “maggi”. The damaged reputation has been allayed to some extent by the “KitKat” victory as it won one of the longest running legal battles against Cadbury. As a result of which, the UK’s community trademark […]

Row over rasgulla’s place of birth continues

Written by: Avasi Mohanty The squeezy cheesy balls continues to be a mysterious problem to solve. There has been much talk over the past few months about the origin of rasgulla between the states of Odisha and West Bengal. Rasgulla is a brown or white Indian cottage cheese ball dipped in sugar syrup, which tempts […]