‘Nexavar’ Attains Judicial Nirvana

Month: December 2014

‘Nexavar’ Attains Judicial Nirvana

The Curious Case of Sorafenib tosylate, as I had put it earlier, has finally reached its climax. In an order passed on 12 December 2014, the Supreme Court of India has declined to interfere with the order passed by IPAB upholding the grant of Compulsory License to Natco Pharma for the drug ‘Nexavar’. Supreme Court’s […]

Khadi: Pride and Prejudice

For Indians, the term ‘Khadi’ has a patriotic notion attached to it that finds its roots in the Swadeshi movement spearheaded by Mahatma Gandhi during India’s Freedom Struggle way back in the early twentieth century. Mahatma Gandhi spun Khadi deep into the hearts of Indians to generate the feeling of self-reliance and independence which provided […]

It’s Ranbaxy versus FDA……Again!!

The Ghost of FDA continues to haunt Ranbaxy. After blacklisting all of its Indian facilities, the FDA (US Federal Drug Administration) has now annulled its tentative approval to grant Ranbaxy a market exclusivity which latter had procured for manufacturing generic versions of two off-patent drugs. This missed opportunity is going to cost Ranbaxy more than […]