Drug Maker ‘Novartis’ to Face the Cold

Month: November 2014

Drug Maker ‘Novartis’ to Face the Cold

The Bull is all set to lock its horns once again. We all know of the famous Novartis v. Union of India case which spread waves of debates across the country hovering around the themes like monopoly v. affordability, innovation v. public good, rich v. the poor, etc. Then solicitor general of India, Mr. Paras […]

Mouse Trapped: Dead Mouse v. Mickey Mouse!!

Mickey Mouse may be sweet, fun and loving on screen, but off the screen, Mickey is the Big Daddy. When someone tried to use Mickey’s iconic ears, he didn’t like it at all. The alleged offender is DJ Joel Thomas Zimmerman, a Canadian DJ. And this time, Mickey has even geared up, uh, I mean […]

Lex Protector: Start-Up of the Year-Congrats Auro!!

Lex Protector International Law Office has been selected as the Start-up of the year for Intellectual Property field by the Silicon India Magazine in its October 2014 issue. It’s a proud moment for our dear friend Mr. Aurobinda Panda who spearheaded the firm after its establishment in year 2012. It’s an equally proud moment for […]

From Birmingham, With Love!!

Marcus Tillius Cicero, a Roman Philosopher who lived in an era before the birth of Christ once said that “soil of their native land is dear to all the hearts of mankind”. The concept of Appellation of Origin was devised in the later half of twentieth century, but it would not be wrong to argue […]