Apple: Too Hot for Chinese Menu!

Month: October 2014

Apple: Too Hot for Chinese Menu!

A Beijing court’s judgment against Apple Inc. with respect to the validity of a patent held by Zhizhen Internet Technology, a Chinese company, is making headlines. Apple challenged Zhizhen’s contention alleging that the patent rights of Zhizhen Internet Technology to a speech recognition technology were invalid and thus dragged the Shanghai based company to Beijing’s […]

The Curious Case of ‘Sorafenib Tosylate’

‘Sorafenib Tosylate’ drug, which is famously referred to as ‘Nexavar’ has hit the headlines once again. Brushing off Bayer Corporation’s claims, the Bombay High Court ruled out the German based drug maker’s challenge of the Controller of Patents decision to grant compulsory license to Natco Pharma Ltd, a Hyderabad based pharmaceutical company. The court rejected […]