Dismissal of Bayer Appeal against Natco on cancer drug

Month: March 2013

Dismissal of Bayer Appeal against Natco on cancer drug

A compulsory license is a legal instrument by which a Government allows someone else to manufacture and sell the product that has been patented by another company. Bangalore based generic company was the first ever company that have the compulsory license for manufacturing and marketing the patented drug Nexavar. In the year 2008, Bayer obtained […]

Patentability-First step of monetization of new invention

An invention requires a huge amount of money as well as dedicated effort. If you do not turn your unique idea into a positive outcome, your effort will be meaningless. Your dream will be successful by only patenting your idea. It is wise to hire a patent attorney for submission of patent application. The main […]

UK Court orders the blocking of music download sites

About ten major music record companies of United Kingdom filed a copyright infringement suit against six leading internet service providers (ISP) in the High Court of Chancery Division. The claimants claimed that certain websites had infringed the copyrights act and sought a court order to stop downloading the copyrighted materials of the claimants from the […]

Who will be benefited by the agreement between the 29 major drug companies and INTERPOL against the counterfeit drug?

  Manufacturing, trade and distributions of the fake medicines and instruments are of major concern to the “World Health Organization” (WHO) and world’s top ranked pharmaceutical companies. According to their observations, about 10-30 percent of the drug market has been captured by the fake drug manufacturers. The fake drug contains too little or too much […]

Controversy on Compulsory License Act in India

A compulsory license is a legal instrument by which a government can force the patent owner to license out their patent product to others. Compulsory licensing is a common practice in many countries. The practice is generally used in the field of pharmaceutical industries, technology, music and the performing Arts. It is a unique example […]

Intellectual Property Theft-A Real Menace of the Digital Age

Overview: Internet is the most remarkable invention of the twentieth century. The internet has opened many new avenues for growing the business. It has also become a part and parcel of our lives. On the other hand, rapid download speeds, perfection of digital copying and the rise of e-commerce have increased the chance of piracy […]