Background of World Conference of International Telecommunication (WCTI-12)

Month: December 2012

Background of World Conference of International Telecommunication (WCTI-12)

International Telecom Union (ITU) convened a meeting from 3rd to 14th December 2012, at Dubai to review the draft International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs). The purpose and the scope of the draft resolution is to find out a better communication system in today’s world. The main focus will be on the modern communication tools like internet, […]

How the Trade Secret is protected in India

A Trade Secret is a practice to keep secret the information about the practice, process, design and formulas from which an establishment can get financial benefits. The unauthorized use of the trade secret is a legal offence. The trade secret of the establishment is protected by the law of the country. There are some differences […]

An analysis of the patient assistance program launched by the big pharmaceutical companies of India

The latest decisions of the “Intellectual Property Appellate Board’s (IPAB)”to revoke the patent protection of Gefitinib, the cancer drug patented by AstraZeneca; Pegasys, hepatitis drug patented by Roche and Nexavar, the cancer drug patented by Bayer are the major setbacks of big pharmaceutical companies of India. In the above cases, the Indian generic companies have […]

WIPO is about make a treaty for providing reading ability to the blind and other disable persons.

“Knowledge Ecology International (KEI)”and other similar organizations approached WIPO to create a mechanism so that the blind and other disable people can get access to the copyrighted reading materials like others. On 21st June 2011, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the European Union and its Member States, Mexico, Norway, Paraguay, the Russian Federation, the […]

Latest amendments of Indian Copyrights Act

India first enacted the Copyright law in the year of 1847 in the regime of East India Company. In the last 165 years, the copyright laws were amended several times to cater the needs of the changed social environment. Some changes are minor and some are the major changes. However, three major distinctive changes in […]

US Supreme Court agrees to find out a solution in Pharmaceutical Patent infringement settlement issue

US Supreme Court at last agreed to hear the arguments in favor of legalizing the pharmaceutical patent infringement settlement. Pharmaceutical companies that sell the branded drugs pay generic drug makers to withdraw the challenge and delayed the sale of their products in the market. The current litigation settlement between branded and generic drug manufacturers is […]