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You will get a well drafted easy to understand Search Report with a list of relevant patent and non patent literature along with a suggested course of action.

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Prior Art Search has numerous benefits and is considered as the most effective and proactive manner to start your own due diligence about your beloved invention.

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    You will get a meticulously drafted search report

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    You will also get an easy t drafted Search Report within 3-5 business days.



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    You will get a meticulously drafted search report along with suggested course of action.

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  • Search Report along with opinion

    You will get a meticulously drafted search report with suggested course of action along with 1-2 hour free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Patent the Prior art means any invention which is similar to that of your invention.

No, but Patent Prior Art Search is very important from the point of view of an inventor because before going to the filing stage, the applicant should have a sound knowledge about his competitors and his chances of procuring a successful patent registration.

We advise inventors to conduct the Patent Search before filing of the Patent Application as it might help you in saving lots of money and time. If you have already filed the provisional patent, even then you can conduct a patent prior art search to see if it is worth filing the non provisional patent specification or not.

Prior Art Search will help you in many ways. Prior Art Search will provide you a list of all similar inventions over which patent has been granted or is pending which will help you to know about competitors. Prior art search helps you evaluate your chances of successful patent grant by listing all the prior knowledge related to your invention. Prior Art Search will include list of registered patents which can pose a threat for you if you commercially launch your invention.

When the search is conducted, every possible platforms are taken into consideration where there is a possibility to find any similar kind of invention. This platform includes both Patent and non-patent literature.

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